Customer Reviews

Remember to Remember: Lemurian Messages Book Cover

“Enchanting and Magical” – 5 stars

“This book is as enchanting and magical to read as it is beautiful to see in it’s wonderful artwork. The author takes you through events and places that are simply breathtaking. I smiled, I cried and I simply couldn’t put it down until I had digested every page in one sitting. The strange thing was, I had feelings of de-ja-vue when reading certain accounts in the book – as if the author had reached into my mind and shed light on something I had forgotton I knew. If you want to be transported to another place and time and really feel like you are being drawn into something bigger than you ever imagined – then this is the book for you! There are rumours of a volume 2, and I for one will be there waiting for the next adventure into the author’s strangely familiar landscape. “

“A beautiful tale” – 5 stars

“This book is like a watercolor painting, colors dripping and seeping along cracks in time… vivid vignettes of character and circumstance. The themes and choices made are reflected into the present day life of an extraordinary woman. Much like dreaming, it hints at a pre-history experience of memory, and displays vivid glimpse-moments along the time spiral. An excellent short book voyage for anyone interested in spirituality, mysticism, past lives, Lemuria, Atlantis… or just a fantasy story. “